Think in random dimensions.

Between 2012 and 2019 I combined painting at ArtEZ AKI with studying mathematics at the University of Twente. These two worlds have an interesting interaction. How do different perspectives, people and surroundings influence your perception, your thinking, your identity, your truth? In the University I am the artist, at the Art Academy I am the mathematician.

Mathematicians build their world on a foundation of axioms. Any theorem or truth can be verified unambiguously by following a step by step reasoning which is rooted in these axioms. By changing the axioms, a totally new concept of truth can be created. But what are the axioms of art? Do they exist (for me)? Stepping into the world of art brought new opportunities as well as insecurities. I struggled with the freedom, the lack of rules and requirements but at the same time I learned to admire this. I have to accept that proving the correctness of art is impossible and that there are gaps in the deduction of my artworks starting at the sources of inspiration. But what I can do is explaining my fascinations. Perceiving my artworks you may fill in the gaps yourself.

I get inspired by the world around me and the (different) way(s) we perceive it. I get triggered by water, reflections, light and shadow, relativity of colour as well as people and their behaviour.

Art CV


AKI Finals – AKI ArtEZ, Enschede

Best of Graduates 2018 – Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam

Nieuwe Oogst – Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen

Menzis Jong Talent – Menzis, Enschede (one painting is now part of the Menzis art collection)


Recent Afgestudeerd – Kunsthal Hof 88, Almelo

Tentoonstelling in de gangen van een ziekenhuis – Medisch Spectrum Twente